Author: bijelavrana

I will never cheat my love

I will never forget the times I’ve been lied and cheated to, it was the painful moment for me. My world falls apart because of that; it’s been years since I have moved on. She is the reason that I almost give up in love. I almost decided to be hard in love. I really wanted to revenge but it doesn’t help at all, I will be just called a desperate man because of it. I don’t want her to feel like she won, and feels like I cannot move on from her. It hurts me but I never show the world how it feels like. I never kneel down to her and beg not to leave me. I own the pain, and it’s the hardest time I have been through. But thankfully I met this beautiful woman, someone who brings back the old me. Bromley escorts of softens my heart, she makes it beat again. I feel like a living dead after my girlfriend broke up with me, I do not feel like socializing or going out again. I met this Bromley escorts because of my work. Our company sends me to Bromley to lead a couple of men in a big project. I stayed there for a while, but just home and work only. I bought a lot of drinks and foods so that I will never go out again. I don’t feel like being with other people. My life turns around with my work and my family. I help financially to my parents and others, I save it. It’s been a long time being single but it doesn’t matter to me. I am used being alone and of course been through so much that trying again becomes my fear. I had a great job in our company, I got a lot of compliments with my boss including that he is throwing a party here in Bromley for celebration. Our boss book as all a Bromley escorts that is when I met lea. The first time I saw her I won’t life but she looks so attractive. Everyone looks pretty but for me she is the only one. Lea talks so much, she wanted to entertain me because I am quiet. Along the way when we are so drunk, it works. I feel being comfortable with lea, she is a great woman and has a sense to talk. It was a great night being with Bromley escorts that is why it followed a lot of bookings. I find myself happy again, like I forget the pain and everything. I want to take a risk and hoping that this won’t be terrible like before. I and Bromley escorts have a relationship, so far it was smooth. For me she is an ideal woman, a man that wishes to be a girlfriend. I am so lucky with her, Bromley escorts remain loyal to me and I will never cheat on her.