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Reasons Why Anal Sex Is Great

Anal sex can be a bit uncomfortable and painful for starters. However, after becoming accustomed, its sweetness becomes incomparable to vaginal sex. In anal sex, every inch deeper is felt by both the penetrator and the recipient of the penetration. I, however, feel that the penetrator derives much more satisfaction from anal sex compared to the person on the bottom.

You see, with anal sex you get to see the buttocks of the person swallowing your erect penis which increases your desire for more and more. There is nothing as beautiful as looking at how a person’s sexual organ responds to pleasure: Your passion for them is reignited making you achieve an even harder erection and maintain it for longer. The experience is so real such that no faking of orgasm can occur since your eyes are in direct contact with its source. In addition, anal sex gives the mind double satisfaction from watching your own penis bursting with an erection making those thrusts.

You are able to both see and feel the source of pleasure leaving you fully satisfied. You get very graphical images in your mind such as your wet penis shining with lubrication fluid and a nice looking anus ready to receive you, which are rare in normal sex. You will always have fantasies whenever these images come into your mind. Anal sex has a firmer grip on the penis compared to vaginal sex. Your dick can feel the muscles of the anus more, making every move in and out so sweet. And you have to maintain a hard erection to penetrate the tight muscles of the anus, which gives you so much satisfaction. Your testicles land on the vagina as you make the thrusts catching its warmth and wetness which make the experience very awesome.

With anal sex, you do not have to waste precious time psyching up a partner who takes too long before they are well lubricated for the action. Once both of you are okay with a bit of masturbation, all you have to do is apply the lubrication oil and you are good for the action. Your partner will not feel the guilt of delaying the penetration when you so much need to stick your manhood in them. You derive so much pleasure making your partner be in their best midway and attaining an orgasm both at the same time.

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